is the world over?

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Jake Augunas (1/26/2021 4:51AM): Going to lick all the doorhandles at LAX

Jake Augunas (1/26/2021 3:53AM): The new variant is a whyrus, a more deadwy whyrus

Montana Mendy (1/26/2021 3:43AM): Variant of concern

Montana Mendy (1/26/2021 3:29AM): South African variant

Jake Augunas (1/26/2021 3:23AM): The new variant Holy FUCK!

Montana Mendy (1/26/2021 3:23AM): The new variant being some sort of multivariant

Jake Augunas (12/6/2020 3:23PM): Steam coming off the radiator coils

Jake Augunas (12/6/2020 3:21PM): Have monitor coming to house, setting it up in living room

Montana Mendy (12/6/2020 3:20PM): Plexiglass realism

Montana Mendy (12/6/2020 3:17PM): Plexiglass life

Montana Mendy (12/6/2020 3:13PM): Plexiglass everywhere

Montana Mendy (9/12/2020 9:13AM): Must be some sort of whyrus

Jake Augunas (9/12/2020 9:19AM): The virus...

Montana Mendy (9/12/2020 9:09AM): Living in 2020 or using a PC for 1 yr?

Kowycz (9/12/2020 9:08AM): The worst has yet to come

Jake Augunas (8/16/2020 2:49AM): Ebay smart phone realism

Montana Mendy (8/16/2020 2:36AM): Must be some sort of whyrus/wirus

Montana Mendy (6/25/2020 1:16PM): Turned 30 today, new number, same shitty life

Montana Mendy (6/19/2020 3:25PM): Imagined myself decorating an apartment with tiny pieces of macbook keys, chipsets & USB-C thingy-ma-jigs

Jake Augunas (6/19/2020 1:41PM): Non stop honking

Jake Augunas (6/10/2020 9:15PM): I was trying to grill tri tip indoors and started a greasefire, now homeless

Ben Greenberg (6/10/2020 9:10PM): I used to imagine im having sex on a heavy wooden bed frame and I keep accidentally hitting our heads against the wood

Montana Mendy (6/10/2020 9:01PM): Last time I got a fancy hotel with a girl I really liked, I was in the shower & mist from the shower in our hotel room set off the fire alarm

Montana Mendy (6/10/2020 8:56PM): Girl I'm currently dating actually likes my brain

Nick Johnson (6/3/2020 12:00PM): 4+3 does equal 7 though. I think just a little rusty

Nick Johnson (6/3/2020 11:52AM): Google the word "condemn"

Ben Greenberg (6/3/2020 11:49AM): I'm voting Arby's this november

Jake Augunas (6/3/2020 11:43AM): Hi welcome to Chilis, do you want to try our double margarita special on this fun Friday night

Montana Mendy (6/2/2020 5:43AM): flames

Montana Mendy (6/2/2020 2:31AM): Idly thought of sending ex gf email that read "hey sorry i sucked, but I'm different now! (jk) i still suck

Montana Mendy (5/30/2020 4:29PM): Texted girl "Think you cld date me w the right enzymes so u cld stomach me 4ever, she ddnt say anything

Montana Mendy (5/29/2020 3:21AM): how much I've been outside past ~82 days

Montana Mendy (5/28/2020 7:53PM): Fire

Montana Mendy (5/28/2020 7:31PM): Worlds burning

Montana Mendy (5/27/2020 11:32PM): Listening to Lana Del Rey crying

Created by Montana Mendy & Jacob Augunas, these are actual snippets from conversations I've been having during the COVID-19 pandemic.